Even though the world wide web has replaced a fantastic majority of print media, many people buying and selling land still appear to it as their first source. Personally, I do not think it will ever go away completely. Many people like the feel of a paper in their hands, just as having money rather than using plastic is attractive. A lot can be inferred from an advertisement in a regional newspaper. Looking at an advertisement from a buyer’s perspective (in search of a fantastic deal) means a couple of important points should be considered: How big is the advertisement? Does it look like the man took time to write the advertisement or did they just throw it together? (Th is might mean, „I do not care about this land, I don’t need this, and I’ll negotiate in price or terms.“) After, I came across an advertisement in a regional newspaper that was just a few words long and looked cheap. Th is meant the man did not care about the property, did not understand what he had, wanted to eliminate it, or was not organized or disciplined toward the objective of selling the property. The advertisement was for 11 acres for $20,000. On the surface, the advertisement did not say much nor communicate anything about the property. The only thing the ad revealed was that it was a inexpensive ad! It was 11 acres, divided into two separate parcels of 5.5 acres each and there were many old trees on the ground. These were 30+ year old trees with great size and dimensions to them and I believed there was some fantastic timber worth to them. I found out the man had to sell the property because he was moving out of town and wanted the money for moving expenses. I offered him $16,000 money to close in a couple of weeks and he admitted. While I didn’t have the money at the moment, my partner did, and I did all the additional operational and coordination details. I logged the land a few months later and took off $12,600 in timber, while leaving many great trees on it. In this specific case, the timber required to be cut or it would have lost value in the mistletoe and bugs destroying it gradually. It was great timing. The land is currently making $150/month for each partner. The lesson provided in this instance is to search for those little, cheap ads which the majority of individuals aren’t looking for. They are ‚for sale by owner‘ or via realtors, it does not really matter, provided that the ads appear cheap. These advertisements say „Please buy me, and faster is much better than later.“ When looking through print advertisements, determine what’s the advertisement telling you by stepping back from it and looking at the larger picture.

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