100% financing in the land business


While looking at the Sunday newspaper advertisements, you see a little ad that reads ’11 acres for sale.‘ You call because you’re knowledgeable about this area and ask a few questions. The vendor tells you he’s moving far outside the region and has no intentions of coming back. Furthermore, he’s owned the property more than 20 years and hasn’t done much to improve this, nor has he visited the property a whole lot. At this time, you’re more than curious but still somewhat apprehensive and opt to meet him on the property to look it over. In the property, you observe a few big trees which have likely been there for more than 25 years. You offer the vendor $14,000 cash to close in two weeks. He needs the cash for moving expenses and agrees quickly. You have the $14,000 but do not need to use it, because you think there’s at least $10,000 in marketable timber on the property. This means that only $4,000 is in danger. You call your quiet money partner, better called a hard money lender, and ask if he desires in. He gives you the cash for a 50\% equity, and you close in two weeks. Bear in mind, if you didn’t have the $14,000 cash in hand or a tough money partner, there are still other ways to fund the offer. Bank loans, borrowing from relatives, using internet peer to peer lending, borrowing via credit cards, etc. could all be a beginning. 100\% financing ensures that no cash from your pocket.

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