Driving or walking across the region


Driving or walking around the area you would like to buy in is a really good way to locate rural properties. Turn off any distractions and concentrate on the mission. Once, I was driving around an area looking to buy a particular piece of land a realtor had told me about. This realtor didn’t wish to meet me to show me the land, which is a really common occurrence in rural areas for raw acreage listings. There are lots of reasons for this. In part, it’s due to low commissions, and frequently the realtor doesn’t know the region, the dimensions of the property, or how the home appears. In other words, many realtors that sell raw acreage haven’t walked the corners of their land and can not show a potential buyer or investor that the corners. Despite this annoyance, this is in fact good news for the investor, since the realtor isn’t going to represent the customer to the best of their skills, making the opportunity for a better deal for the buyer. The land was a 2+acreage, but I could not find it. I took a wrong turn, something I am in habit of doing (I’m directionally challenged, as my daughter says). I stumbled upon a For Sale by Owner sign, on piece of land that actually caught my eye since it had exactly what I needed at the moment. I called the owner, made an offer, and purchased the land. This property provided a excellent monthly income. After I partly developed it with phone and power I managed to sell it to buyers that finished developing it entirely by adding water and septic systems.

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