Much has been written and will continue to be written about the value of realtors into the real estate transaction. Although not an endorsement of realtors, I will say that lots of properties wouldn’t get sold without using a realtor, because many sellers do not have the savvy marketing skills of professionals. Realtors have contacts with prospective buyers (such as investors) than many private sellers will, and realtors bring a sense of professionalism to the table. Oftentimes, there are also distinct benefits to your buyer when using a realtor. There’s a dirty little secret in the real estate industry called the ‚pocket listing.‘ This is a listing that is not on the net or M.L.S.. To put it differently, there’s not any contractual relationship between a seller and realtor regarding these properties, unless the realtor may find a purchaser. The agreement is generally a loose one, and a few realtors such as these arrangements because they do not need to share a commission with another realtor. While on the surface it may appear that the vendor has the edge, because the realtor knows the vendor directly and is representing them, many times the purchaser gets the real advantage because the seller wants to sell the property with a fantastic price or terms. A distressed broker and a frustrated seller make good news for an enterprising land investor.

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